EUROPEAN CONTACT POINT SLOVAKIA  is an implementation body of the Europe for Citizens programme in Slovakia. It guides and aids applicants for European funding regarding citizens´ initiatives on local and international levels.

We provide:

  • Free information and guidance on how to access European Citizenship funding opportunities
  • Regular updates on all Citizenship related issues at a  European level.
  • Networking support facilitating contact between citizenship operators in different countries and partner finding opportunities.

We bring the Europe For Citizens programme to you through:

  • Targeted info sessions, workshops and seminars
  • Informative websites with all the latest news

ECP can help you develop your project, prepare your funding application and build international partnerships.


Mgr. Želmíra Gerová
E-mail: zelmira.gerova@nocka.sk
Tel.: +421 903450401, +421 2 2047 1291

Mgr. art. Iveta Svetlíková
E-mail: iveta.svetlikova@nocka.sk
Tel.: +421 2 2047 1290

Address: Národné osvetové centrum, Námestie SNP 12, 812 34 Bratislava

E-mail: europapreobcanov@nocka.sk

ECP Slovakia is a part of a network of similar offices working in most of the countries participating in the Europe for Citizens programme.

To contact ECP in your country see:


Mgr. Želmíra Gerová
E-mail: zelmira.gerova@europapreobcanov.sk
Tel.: +421 2 2047 1290

Mgr. Zuzana Ivašková
E-mail: zuzana.ivaskova@europapreobcanov.sk
Tel.: +421 2 2047 1291